Avoiding scarring after a facelift

Should You be Worried About Visible Scarring After a Facelift?

Avoiding scarring after a facelift

If you are considering getting a facelift treatment sometime soon, you may be worried about the potential for developing a permanent, visible scar. Depending on the surgeon you choose and the specific technique they incorporate, your chances of seeing scarring after a facelift may change.

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What is a Facelift Procedure?

Facelifts provide a more youthful appearance by delicately stretching the skin to reduce signs of aging. It is one of the most effective procedures to erase the major and minor signs of aging. Before your facelift procedure, Dr. Kapoor will discuss the treatment with you. You will also be able to generate a 3D image of how your face will look after the procedure has been completed.

Recovery time for a facelift is about two weeks altogether. For the first few days following surgery, your head will be wrapped in bandages and two tubes will be placed on either side of your face to help with the healing process. Once the bandages and tubes can be removed, you can continue to rest at home. During recovery, signs of numbness, bruising and swelling are normal. Numbness symptoms should fade in a few weeks to months. Bruising and swelling symptoms should fade after two to three weeks.

After two weeks of recovery, Dr. Kapoor will want to see you for a follow-up. He may also remove stitches at this point. Some stitches are dissolvable, and won’t need to be removed. However, Dr. Kapoor will still want to check in on your progress. Patients typically return to work after two weeks of recovery. Find out more about your facelift recovery process and other cosmetic surgery in Beverly Hills when you consult with Dr. Kapoor.

Will the Scarring Be Permanent?

Major scarring for facelift patients is located at the height of the neck, under the jaw bone. This is where your surgeon has reattached the elongated skin on both sides of your face for a fully symmetrical finish. This is also the site for the drainage tubes after surgery, so your face can heal more quickly. The stitches should not leave a noticeable scar on your face longer than one year.

When patients do experience scarring that is more permanent, it can happen for a number of reasons. The first is that the patient did not closely follow the doctor’s orders, and the stitches pulled during recovery. The second is that the kind of stitches used may affect how substantially they scar. If you notice a more pink shade of skin while your doctor is removing your stitches, it may mean that you have not recovered enough, and you are more likely to scar.

Tell your doctor right away if you want to have more time to rest to avoid the possibility of permanent scarring.

Avoiding Scarring After a Facelift

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