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What to Expect from Areola Reduction Surgery

Areolas are a part of the human body found in both genders. They are the darker, pigmented area of skin that surrounds the nipple. This area comes in many different shapes, sizes, and shades. It is actually more common than not to have different sized areolas from one nipple to the other or rather large areolas, but some people are uncomfortable with the way this looks. This is where areola reduction comes in.

Nipple reduction surgery is an option for those looking to size down or add symmetry to their chest. Here’s what you can expect from such a surgery.


Before you sign up for areola reduction surgery, you may want to ask yourself if you’re the right candidate. Candidates for this procedure include anyone looking to reduce the size of their areolas, both men and women.

Most people who opt-in for this surgery are those who:

  • Have lost a large amount of weight and are looking to reduce their stretched areolas
  • Experienced a change in their areolas after breastfeeding or pregnancy
  • Have naturally asymmetrical or large areolas

It’s important to note that if a young woman desires this procedure, they should only move forward when their breasts are finished completely developing. This is usually by their early 20’s. However, for men, it can be performed at any time.


When you’ve found the right cosmetic surgeon in Beverly Hills for areola reduction surgery, you’ll want to schedule a consultation to get the process started. Dr. Kapoor will examine your breasts and ask you about your medical history, explain the surgery to you, and let you know what you can expect post surgery. This includes scarring and recovery time.

Dr. Kapoor will also let you know how to properly prepare for the surgery, which may include avoiding certain medications, arranging a ride home post-procedure,  and avoiding eating after a certain time the night before. Each surgeon has their specific requirements for your optimal safety.

The Surgery

In most cases, you and your surgeon will discuss the size of the areola when getting any other type of breast surgery or reconstruction. Thus, a reduction of the areola is usually done in tandem with a breast reduction or breast lift. However, areola reduction surgery is also a very popular procedure on its own.

During the surgery, your surgeon creates a small incision around the areola. This allows the removal of tissue and subsequent areola reduction. The incision enters near the edge of the areola so that any scarring will be somewhat hidden by pigment.

Next, a suture or stitches close off the incision and prevent the areola from stretching. These will either be dissolvable or removed during your follow-up visit.


Dr. Kapoor may require you to wear a post-surgical bra or apply dressings that you may need to keep on anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Swelling and bruising is common for the first few days and can be aided with some over-the-counter pain relievers.

Some general rules of thumb to follow post-surgery is to abstain from sex for the first week or any chest contact for the first few weeks. Also, try not to lift any heavy objects or strenuous physical work for the first few weeks. For some more info on what recovery may look like check out this guide.


With any surgery, there is the possibility of complications. Some patients have reported temporary loss of sensation in the nipple, scarring that can sometimes be more severe, an inability to breastfeed due to damaged milk glands, and infection due to improper recovery care.

Areola Reduction Surgery in Beverly Hills

In general, areola reduction surgery is a very safe and common procedure. Especially if performed by qualified surgeons, such as Dr. Kapoor of Beverly Hills Cosmetic Plastic Surgery. If you’re thinking about getting areola reduction surgery, but still have some questions you’d like answered, call us to schedule a consultation today or visit our website. We’ll be happy to answer all that we can.

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