Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction includes a variety of procedures performed to restore the form and shape of the breast, follow by a mastectomy or lumpectomy procedure. Breast reconstruction is often combined with a breast augmentation on the other breast to correct any problems with breast shape and symmetry. In addition, a nipple and areola recreation may be needed to bring about the most optimal post-mastectomy breast profile and figure. Factors such as individual anatomy, aesthetic goals or radiation will determine your options. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Doc will be with you every step of the way during your journey to a more confident you.

Ideal Candidate

  • Good General Health
  • Healthy Body Weight
  • Have Realistic Expectations
  • Non-Smokers
  • Have Positive Attitudes
  • Not Under Therapy Treatments
Recovery Tips

Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Schlenker will close up any incisions made during the  surgical procedure. Gauze or bandages are applied around the incision sites to help minimize bruising and swelling. You will also wear an elastic bandage/bra to support the newly reconstructed breast or breasts temporarily. You will take antibiotics to ward off any post-op infection and to manage pain and discomfort. You may also be prescribed pain medications.


If you had a flap reconstruction instead of breast implants, it is likely that your recovery period will be extended. On average, it will take a little longer for any pain and discomfort to subside. The disappearance of bruising and swelling along with the fading away of post-op scars- will also, on average, take a little longer. Most patients stay at the hospital for one or two days following a breast implant procedure. Most flap reconstruction patients need a five to six-day post-op hospital stay.


It is best to move your arms after your procedure slowly. This movement lessens the risk of post-op blood clotting. However, refrain from any lifting or vigorous activity for the first week of your recovery. Many patients find that they can completely resume regular activity within six weeks of their procedure. Any strenuous exercise is discouraged during the first few weeks of recovery.


Recovery mmediately after a mastectomy is likely to be longer. However, the advantages of getting reconstruction surgery immediately following a mastectomy include reduced cost and more straightforward experience. Depending on the technique used, most patients may only need one to two weeks of recovery before feeling well enough to return to work.


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Types & Options

Partial Breast Reconstruction

Partial reconstruction is known as “oncoplastic surgery.” During this surgery, only parts of the breast are reconstructed. Many times, this procedure is due to dissatisfaction of the appearance of the breasts after lumpectomy. Every lumpectomy defect is unique. The options for reconstruction vary from patient to patient.

Implant Based

Implant-based reconstruction method uses breast implants to increase or restore breast size. We offer an assortment of implant options for our Beverly Hills patients. Saline, silicone, tear-shaped, and even smooth or textured breast implants are available. Implant-based breast reconstruction is a safe and effective procedure which often lead to positive results.

Autologous (Free Flap)

Autologous breast reconstruction is the transfer of fat from the lower abdomen or buttock to the breast to create a new breast mound. The autologous reconstruction is for women that do not have adequate volume in the breast region. The use of tissues and a breast implant are sometimes used as an alternative.


Breast revision reconstruction is performed when the initial reconstructive procedure does not meet the patient’s desires. It is not uncommon for breast cancer patients who have undergone breast reconstruction to end up having breast revision as well.

Nipple (Areola) Reconstruction

Nipple areola reconstruction sets the finishing touches for the best possible aesthetic outcome in patient’s undergoing breast reconstruction procedures. Nipple and areola reduction and reconstruction allows Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Schlenker to give our patients the more natural looking breasts that they desire.

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