What Is A Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover can consist of several procedures to restore any physical changes to achieve the amazing body you once had back. The mommy makeover is composed of a combination of other procedures such as: a breast lift, liposuction, a tummy tuck, and or breast augmentation.

For some women, the physical effects of pregnancy and childbirth can be unflattering and many times are permanent. Unfortunately, some areas of the body just don’t “bounce back” entirely even after a workout regime. There are just too many stubborn fat deposits that a regular fitness routine cannot change. What women need to know about the mommy makeover procedure can be discussed with Dr. Kapoor during a comprehensive consultation in his office. Get the best mommy makeover Beverly Hills has to offer with us!

The mommy makeover is for all the beautiful mothers out there wanting to look and feel like you are back in your pre-pregnancy body again. Enjoy a positive, rewarding and comfortable mommy makeover Beverly Hills experience with Dr. Kapoor and his team. The results will be an improved contour of the body with a flatter abdomen and a firmer silhouette.

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Mommy Makeover Recovery Process & Tips

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Bruising & Swelling

You should expect to have bruising and swelling after a mommy makeover procedure. The majority of the bruising and swelling will have subsided by 3 weeks after your post-pregnancy makeover but complete resolution will take at least 6 months to occur. Typically, scars heal in a very methodical manner. For the first 6 to 8 weeks the scar becomes red as the body heals. After that stage, however, the scars become much less red and thinner. Complete scar maturation takes one and a half year.

Plan Ahead

Plan ahead if you have small children such as asking someone take care of your children for the first 2-3 weeks. This is especially important for infants as you should avoid lifting them for the recovery period. For walking children, think of ways to encourage them to be of a helping hand. This may involve telling them that mommy is recovering and they need to be big boys and girls to help mommy. Make them part of the team as you recovery from your mommy makeover procedure.

Performing Tasks

You will be able to do simple tasks the day after your mommy makeover procedure. Avoid reaching above shoulder level. This will irritate the breast muscles. Keep your elbows very close to your body. Work only with your hands not your shoulders. Avoid twisting your abdomen and bending at the waist. This will irritate the abdomen muscles. If you need to rotate, rotate with your feet not your abdomen. If you need to bend, bend with your knees and not with your abdomen.

Stay Positive

Remember to take things slowly and one at a time. Everyone progresses differently after their mommy makeover procedure. Do not get frustrated if you feel you are progressing too slowly. It takes about 3 months to get your energy levels back to normal. Most patients are able to go back at 2 weeks. Do not expect to work full time until 3-4 weeks. Be sure to arrange your work station so that you limit shoulder and abdomen motion. Most patients require 4-6 weeks to recover from a mommy makeover.


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Mommy Makeover Overview

What Treatments Are Included In A Mommy Makeover?

A tummy tuck is a great way to tighten abdominal muscles and remove loose flabby skin along with excess fat giving you a flatter appearance. Liposuction can be used to contour your body and remove excess fat virtually anywhere on your body. If your breasts have taken on a droopy look or sagging feel, they can be tightened and lifted with a breast lift. If your breast size has decreased due to childbearing, a breast augmentation can be taken into account. In combination, your desired look can be easily achieved from the result of a mommy makeover.

Why You Want A Post-Pregnancy Makeover?

You want a post-pregnancy makeover because you want to get rid of overall pockets of fat, remove extra skin on front of abdomen, reduce body mass and cellulite, get back into pre-pregnancy shape, and achieve that smooth and lean exterior that you had 9 months ago. The combination of liposuction, breast augmentation, a tummy tuck, and or a breast lift can help you achieve that.

What You Should Expect After A Mommy Makeover?

Generally, after a mommy makeover, you can expect to be bandaged, wear a compression garment, and may have some surgical drains. When the anesthesia wears off, you may have mild pain but it will not last very long. In addition, you will also experience some swelling post-operation. In some cases, this swelling will remain for weeks or even months. If the swelling is extreme or lasts longer than usual, contact Dr. Kapoor and Dr. Schlenker’s Beverly Hills office. Our Beverly Hills team is knowledgeable on the subject and can help you with just one call away.

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