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Lifestyle Changes to Make After Massive Weight Loss

If you spent the last year or two working towards a healthier you, then the first thing you have to do is congratulate yourself. You are one of the 20% of people who actually succeed at losing weight and keeping it off. It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to overcome a lifetime of habits, so take a moment to celebrate your accomplishments. What do you do after weight loss?

You’ve made an important change, which will positively affect both your quality of life and overall longevity. Unfortunately, the battle isn’t entirely over. Not only is there the daily maintenance of your new, healthier habits, there are also plenty of side effects leftover from your previous physique.

Living Your Best Life

Regardless of how you’ve achieved your current weight: exercise, diet, and/or surgery, maintaining your results will require that you keep it up long term. That doesn’t necessarily mean you can never have a soda again. In fact, if you were on a strict diet solely for weight-loss purposes, you can relax a little bit. However, you still need to make sure you’re maintaining your caloric budget after weight loss.

In fact, keeping a food diary or logging your daily calories in an app is still one of the most successful ways that individuals lose weight and maintain it for long periods of time. There are a number of reasons for this:

It’s Flexible

No food is off-limits. As you log your calories, you decide which foods are worth splurging your calorie budget on. If you’re over by a hundred calories, then hit the gym for thirty minutes to an hour and use your app of choice to track that too.

It Promotes Awareness

As you log different foods, you come to realize just how heavy they are in calories compared to what you should be taking in every day. It’s eye-opening when you realize your morning coffee takes up an entire meal’s worth of calories with none of the nutritional benefits. On the flip side, you also realize that running half a mile does not burn nearly enough.

It’s Easy

Obesity: A Research Journal published an article less than a year ago studying the efficacy of calorie tracking. They found that the average, successful user spent less than 25 minutes a day tracking calories during their first month, with that average time dropping by 10 minutes thereafter.

It Holds You Accountable

Most of these tools are totally free and come with nifty tools, such as daily/weekly reports, barcode scanners for easy logging, and social media connections that help you share and track your progress with friends. All of this helps hold you to account, preventing any slippage back into past habits after weight loss.

The point is that your life doesn’t have to be carb or sugar-free forever. Use a calorie/exercise tracker to make sure you’re taking care of yourself and check your weight every once in a while for your own peace of mind.

Clearing Away the Past

The least pleasant part of your weight loss journey is probably coming to the realization that your skin has stretched. Many people find that their post-weight loss body has folds and flaps of skin that they didn’t expect, and this is normal. Fortunately, your Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon can help.

If you have achieved your ultimate weight loss goals and have kept the weight off for two years, then you’re probably a candidate for post-bariatric surgery. Two years may seem like a long time after weight loss, but waiting will allow your skin to shrink back as much as possible, ensuring your best results. In addition to waiting, smokers should quit for at least six weeks prior to surgery, as smoking can reduce your body’s ability to heal and make you vulnerable to additional complications.

If you’re willing to devote yourself to the process, then Dr. Kapoor will walk you through the procedural options, including what you want lifting and what you want tucked to give you back your natural contours. Not only will the removal of extra skin give you a little more confidence as you slip into your new, healthy-you clothes, it will also drastically reduce the chafing and rashes that so often form.

Continuing Positive Trends

At the end of the day, you’ve already made a massive leap in the right direction. Maintaining a healthy weight and getting rid of excess skin is entirely up to you.

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