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Where are the Most Common Places of the Body that Store Fat?

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Your body is completely unique in a myriad of different ways, and the natural shape of your body is one of those unique differences. While there are basic outlines for what kinds of body types are most common, each person’s silhouette is comprised of hundreds of differing factors that make determine body shape, and its ability to change shape, unique to everyone. However, there are still ways of determining what areas of the body are the most common to store excess fat cells and why. Anatomical differences between feet and thighs is a prime example of why thighs are more prone to storing extra fat, while feet are often not the first place that experience a change in weight immediately. Learn more about which areas of your body are more likely to store fat, and how investing in thigh lift in Beverly Hills can make you feel stronger and more confident!


Thighs can be a particularly difficult area to slim naturally, as they are very common parts of your body that store fat. Inner thigh fat develops quickly for many people and getting rid of it could require further steps than just weight loss and diet. To get rid of inner thigh fat, you can attempt to target the area through isolated exercises that are designed to work the muscle groups around the fat cells. Diet will also help in decreasing the amount of fat you hold in your thighs, but these methods alone may need extended treatment if you are not seeing the results you want within an appropriate period. Find out more about thigh liposuction in Beverly Hills when you call Dr. Kapoor’s office today.


Next to the thighs, your stomach is the body part most likely to store excess fat. Most people experience weight gain in their lower stomach before they notice weight in other areas of their bodies. Because of this, there are a myriad of diet plans and exercise routines that are specifically targeted at losing belly fat and maintaining a tight core. Studies show that a lack of consistent sleeping patterns are also one of the reasons that your belly fat may start to increase suddenly. Combat your tummy fat by getting a good night’s rest, maintaining a constant exercise schedule, and eating a healthy diet.

Upper Arms

Upper arm fat is one of the most frustrating areas of the body to target for fat loss, but most people who want to lose weight cite their ‘bat wings’ as sources of self-consciousness. To reduce the fat stores in your upper arms, performing targeted exercises such as lifting weights and push-ups can significantly strengthen the area of your arms that garners excess fat. Maintaining a healthy diet is also a successful method to reduce the amount of fat your body stores in highly susceptible areas.


Back fat can be an extension of the troubling belly fat you are experiencing. In common cases, some people can experience fat stores spreading to their backs because of putting on weight. Getting rid of back fat is extremely difficult, as targeted exercises are not easily identified. Your best course of action to get rid of troubling back fat is to adopt a full change in diet and exercise routines.

If you are experiencing stubborn and difficult fat stores on your body that are frustrating to get rid of, contact Dr. Kapoor today to find out more about how liposuction can help you get back to the body you’ll feel confident in. Call today to schedule your thigh liposuction in Beverly Hills treatment now!

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