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What are the Side Effects of a Tummy Tuck?

Have you been considering getting a tummy tuck to increase the look of your stomach? There are a variety of pros and cons to consider before making this substantial decision. Discover all of the side effects that accompany a tummy tuck procedure, and see if this treatment could be right for you by reading this researched look into all potential side effects from Dr. Kapoor. Book your first consultation appointment for plastic surgery in Beverly Hills today by calling Dr. Kapoor’s office now!

Potential Side Effects of a Tummy Tuck

As with any surgery, there are potential risks and side effects associated with a tummy tuck procedure. Some side effects are extremely minor, but some can be more severe, and should be discussed with a doctor if they continue to persist. Common minor side effects include pain and some irritability, especially around the incision site. This side effect should be contained by the medication that is prescribed to you by the surgeon. If your pain and discomfort continue for longer than suggested by your doctor, discuss it during your scheduled follow up appointment, or book another appointment to get a further diagnosis. Other common side effects include bruising and swelling near the treated area. Like your pain symptoms, signs of bruising or swelling should decrease after the first week of recovery, and these common side effects should be controlled through the specific medication that is prescribed to you by the surgeon. Schedule your first consultation appointment for plastic surgery in Beverly Hills when you call Dr. Kapoor’s office now!

When you have a surgical operation performed, there will most likely be some type of scarring that occurs. While this is an unavoidable side effect, the good news is that the tummy tuck procedure will not leave a large scar, and any scar that does result will fade after the procedure and will lighten in the years to come. You can lessen the impact that postoperative side effects have on your body by taking restorative and light walks when you have recovered enough, as walking increases the blood circulation and allows for your body to flush out any potential blood clots from forming. If you feel as if the symptoms and side effects have lasted longer than they should, always address any continued symptoms with your surgeon during your follow up appointment and write down notes of what symptoms you’re experiencing in order to get the best information from your plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills.

All surgeries include specific risks depending on the type of treatment, and the severity of the operation. Any time a patient is placed under anesthesia, they are at risk for complications, and more complications can arise if the treatment is particularly more invasive, or if a patient is not in the best possible health to recover after the surgery has ended. Because your tummy tuck surgery is not emergency, you and your doctor should always discuss your general health to make sure no major complications arise due to a lacking immune system. Experiencing side effects after any surgery can also be a good sign, as this is proof that your body is reacting to the trauma of the procedure and taking steps to heal itself. While side effects that accompany tummy tuck surgery may be painful or frustrating, the procedure has the potential to help you get the body of your dreams and get you into a healthier lifestyle.

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