The Science Behind Getting Your Curves Back

Getting your curves back is easy with the right information and the best team of doctors to listen to what you want out of your experience! Whether you are interested in a tummy tuck, breast augmentation, or a Brazilian butt lift in Beverly Hills, we’ll help you understand exactly how each process can help you get your confident body back. Find out everything you need to know about your preferred treatments, then call Dr. Kapoor’s office today to schedule your first consultation appointment!

The Science of a Tummy Tuck

With every surgical procedure in our advanced age, there is an increased amount of technology that accompanies any treatment you have performed compared to even five years ago. The science behind every operation has become more advanced, which means patients are able to feel more comfortable and confident every time they step into the doctor’s office. When you start to consider getting a tummy tuck, there are important factors that you should know about the science behind this procedure. First, tummy tuck surgeries are primarily designed to target areas around your abdomen that have excess skin after substantial weight loss. Most patients have either dropped pounds due to a new diet and exercise program, or they are women who have recently given birth. In these cases, traditional methods may not be enough to regain the tummy of your dreams. For that reason, the doctor performing your tummy tuck in Beverly Hills will use innovative methods to sculpt your stomach during surgery by removing any excess and sagging skin and reducing any areas of tummy fat that may still remain.

The Science of a Brazilian Butt Lift

If your dream body includes receiving a butt enhancement, there is incredible new technology that has gone into the Brazilian butt lift procedure. During your appointments leading up to surgery, your doctor will be able to use 3D technology to show you how the shape would look throughout different stages of enhancement. Using this advanced science allows all patients to be confident that their procedure will turn out exactly how they envisioned it. When you decide to receive a Brazilian butt lift in Beverly Hills, you can choose to transfer fat from parts of your body and use it to enhance your buttocks. This new method of treatment not only benefits the patient by removing fat from a larger area of their body, it also ensures that the augmentation material is all natural, and that your body will fully accept the injection. This process also gets rid of the need for implants that would have to be replaced or removed in the future.

The Science of a Breast Augmentation

A breast augmentation procedure is another very popular treatment to increase the size and asymmetry of breasts. The science behind breast augmentations with our current technology is extensive, as there are now a variety of procedures that each patient can choose from depending on their preferred implant material, and if they would like any additional treatments performed during the surgery. Breast augmentation can be performed with implants, natural fat transfers, reconstructive efforts, and asymmetrical alignments. Your doctor will also be able to show you what your intended breast size or repair will look like with the use of a 3D model of your body, so you can determine the perfect size for your overall body structure.

Start your journey towards the body of your dreams when you schedule your first consultation appointment with Dr. Kapoor and his board-certified plastic surgery team of colleagues today!

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