How Does a Pregnancy Affect a Breast Lift?

Dr. Vishal Kapoor and our expert team are dedicated to improving our patients’ confidence and appearance with the most advanced cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures. For many patients, a combination of treatments will provide them with the most comprehensive results. That is why we commonly recommend a breast augmentation enhanced with a breast lift, to provide patient with the best possible outcomes. Many times, recent mother or mothers to be opt for these procedures to reclaim the curves they may have lost along the way. But what is the relationship between plastic surgery and pregnancy?

After undergoing breast lift surgery in Beverly Hills, many women worry about the effects of childbirth and breastfeeding to their results. Will it require another surgery to fix? Will the breasts still function normally and produce breast milk for the baby?

Understanding Plastic Surgery and Pregnancy

While the breast implants, themselves are unaffected by pregnancy, the tissue and skin of the breasts may change. After the pregnancy, breasts can become larger, smaller or they may remain the same size. But to ensure optimal, long-term results, it’s best to undergo breast lift surgery after you’ve already had children. If, however, pregnancy does occur after the surgery it’s possible the pregnancy will affect the results of the surgery.

Every woman’s body reacts differently to pregnancy, thus there is no definitive change you can expect. If you’re considering getting breast lift surgery, though, and you’re thinking about having children, here are a few things to consider:

  • Pregnancy often causes stretch marks, deflated breasts asymmetry and sagging.It’s possible these problems will reoccur after having a baby even if you’ve already had the surgery.
  • Breast lifts could impact your ability to breastfeed. Discuss your desire to breastfeed any children you may with your plastic surgeon to ensure your doctor chooses the most suitable incision location to promote successful breastfeeding.
  • Keep a healthy weight range during pregnancy. A proper diet and regular exercise can help minimize any effects on your surgery.
  • A second surgery may be required. You may want to talk to your plastic surgeon about possible options after giving birth and whether a second surgery is necessary.

Is Breast Lift Right for Me?

During pregnancy, breast size will temporarily increase. Post pregnancy, breast size decreases but the breast skin rarely shrinks in the same degree. As a result, a relative excess of breast skin remains. For this reason, many women considering an augmentation before having children and a breast lift after they have children.

Schedule a Consultation

The choice to have a breast lift a personal one. Although there are some great advantages to breast lifts, it is important to consult an informed and experienced plastic surgeon when making this decision. There are plenty of choices you can select from, and this can lead to confusion. But at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Doc, we will discuss and review your breast lift options in order to find the perfect fit for you and your body.

Understand your needs and preferences, and learn your options. A thorough discussion with our plastic surgeons in regard to the pros and cons of breast lifts can aid in the decision-making process.

Dr. Vishal Kapoor and Dr. Robert Schlenker are Beverly Hills Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons that specialize in body contouring surgeries, a requirement for creating your desired figure. With their detail-oriented techniques they achieve the best possible results and completely minimize potential complications such as scarring and trauma. To have a safe and successful outcome with the incredible results you’ve been looking for contact us today to learn more about the procedure itself and to answer any questions you may have about plastic surgery and pregnancy.

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