What You Need to Know about Getting a Rhinoplasty

Commonly known as a nose job, a rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects, reconstructs, restores or aesthetically enhances the nose.  A surgeon can change the size, angle, and shape of the nose to what is pleasing and complimentary to the rest of the face, gifting the patient with both symmetry and confidence.

Rhinoplasty has permanent results and should only be done on a fully developed nose. Thus, young patients below the age of 16 for women and 18 for men are not advised to get this procedure. During this procedure, the surgeon makes incisions to access the cartilage and bones in the nose. Parts of the bones and cartilage may be removed or fillers may be added to help acquire the desired shape. Once the surgeon has rearranged the bone and cartilage, the skin on the nose is re-draped and a splint is used to support the new shape until the nose heals for a few days.

Benefits of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty is unique in that it is both a cosmetic and corrective surgery. Thus, they present different benefits to different patients. It is unfair to assume that getting a rhinoplasty only boosts the confidence of the patient. In fact, there are more benefits of rhinoplasty than just improving the self-esteem. Below are the benefits that you get from undergoing this procedure.

  • Sleep better: Rhinoplasty is a great procedure for those who suffer from sleep issues such as sleep apnea.  Sleep apnea is characterized by the blockage of the airways during sleep, causing patients to stop breathing for short periods during the night. Rhinoplasty can redesign the nasal passageways to help alleviate breathing issues that are causing this sleep deprivation.
  • Breathe easy: Many people complain about breathing problems. If you suffer from breathing problems, then you can take advantage of septoplasty. This is a type of rhinoplasty procedure that addresses a deviated septum. This condition is characterized with a nasal septum (both the bone and cartilage that divide the nasal cavity) that is crooked or off center. Thus, the size of the breathing passages is imbalanced.
  • Improved self-esteem: Whether you are getting a rhinoplasty as a corrective or aesthetic procedure, you will definitely end up feeling better about yourself. People who get rhinoplasty felt that they have improved self-esteem.

Rhinoplasty Recovery

After the surgery, the surgeon will cover your nose with both a splint and a bandage to support the new shape of the nose. While your nose is healing, it is normal to feel puffiness around the nose and eye area. Swelling and bruising in these areas are normal for several days and they can be managed by applying a cold compress. In medical literature, swelling often resolves within 10 to 14 days. But you will still experience residual swelling on the affected area for 6 weeks. It will take about a year for the swelling to disappear. Your doctor will also recommend that you take pain medications to manage the pain.

It is very important to keep your head elevated at all times for several days during your rhinoplasty recovery.  You should also avoid doing any strenuous activities that may put too much strain on your body.  About a week after the operation, you should be able to remove the bandage and splint.

Other Things to Consider

Suppose you are ready to undergo a rhinoplasty procedure. Before you do, there are certain things that you need to consider to ensure the success of the surgical procedure. The first thing that you need to consider is to choose the right surgeon. You need to get an experienced and reputable surgeon as rhinoplasty is considered as the most difficult procedure done in plastic surgery. Choosing the right doctor only increases your chances of achieving results that you will love the rest of your life.

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