Maintaining the Weight Loss After Liposuction

Exercise and healthy diet are crucial when it comes to liposuction before the procedure but more importantly afterwards. You can say that the surgery is the core of body sculpting while a balanced healthy lifestyle is the shell that keeps your newly sculpted body and weight level consistent. Maintain a regular exercise routine starting 6 weeks after your surgery which is the usual time frame for a complete recovery from your procedure, and start a new diet as soon as you are off any of the pain medications. The sooner you start the easier it would be to transition into your new lifestyle and daily habits.

Liposuction’s goal is to target your fat cells and permanently remove them. Your treated area will have noticeably fewer fat cells, and there would be no re-growth of fat in those specific areas. However, your metabolism is not affected by liposuction.  The fat in the other parts of your untreated body may pick up the slack and compensate in other areas. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that most patients who do partake in exercise and healthier diets post-surgery do not return for more surgery and are usually in good shape. Many patients who do undergo any form of plastic surgery are usually already in good shape and just need those unresponsive areas of fat worked on. Your doctor will thoroughly discuss these details and advise you through the process since they are very aware that the surgery is only one step in many for successful body sculpting.

In a press release, Dr. Benatti from the University of Sao Paulo in Brazil included a new study they executed with 36 women who underwent abdominal liposuction. Half took part in a four-month exercise regimen that started two months after their surgeries while the others did not take part in any exercise. Over a period of 6 months, the women who did not partake in exercise had a 10 percent increase in fat while the women who worked out 3 times a week (5 minutes warm up exercises and 40 minutes of treadmill conditioning) either maintained their weight or showed even more weight loss than when they started after their surgeries!

Liposuction can trim, tighten, and tone a person’s physique, but you must remember that you have to do all the sensible things to maintain this. Without a healthy diet and a good exercise regimen, you will put weight back on. The doctors are merely there to help you, and it’s your will and dedication determines the long term results.If you are ready to commit to liposuction and a healthier lifestyle visit Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery to learn more about specific procedures and how you can begin to work on the body you’ve always wanted.

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