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Keeping it Natural with Breast Augmentation

If you have been considering a breast augmentation, but are uncertain about receiving implants for the procedure, you may have a more natural option with an augmentation procedure that uses a fat transfer instead of implants. For a fat transfer augmentation, Dr. Kapoor would replace the need for an implant by choosing an area of your own body in which to dissect fat and transfer the tissue to your breast. If the possibility of a completely naturally augmented new body sounds like the right option for you, contact Dr. Kapoor’s office today and schedule your first consultation for a breast augmentation with fat transfer in Beverly Hills! Find out more about this natural procedure and how you can get the breasts you have always dreamed of by reading this in-depth blog now.

Natural Breast Augmentation versus Implants

For patients who are interested in achieving a larger breast size without the use of implants, they have the option to use stores of fat from other areas in their bodies to augment their breasts instead of placing foreign materials to achieve the cup size. This procedure is more natural for several reasons. The first is that it lends the patient to avoid infection due to the body’s reaction to a foreign object having been placed inside the body. A second reason this procedure is beneficially more natural, is that the treatment literally uses fat stores from the patient’s own body, so the fat site decreases as a result, and the patient is healthier with this treatment. The third reason is that the recovery time following a natural breast augmentation is significantly less lengthy than an augmentation through implants, and patients are in less pain, since the transferred material is made up of their own cells. If you believe a natural breast augmentation with fat transfer in Beverly Hills is the right treatment for you, call Dr. Kapoor’s office today to set up your initial consultation appointment.

Patients who choose to have a breast implant augmentation have the option to enlarge their breast sizes by a larger size than patients who want a natural procedure. Because your body only has so much excess fat storage available, if you are interested in gaining significantly larger breasts through your procedure, an implant may be the best course of action. This treatment does result in slightly more severe scarring, and your recovery time will increase, as your body needs more time to adapt to accept the foreign objects that have been implanted.

Are you the right candidate for a natural breast augmentation with fat transfer in Beverly Hills? There is an easy way to find out. During your initial consultation with Dr. Kapoor, you will be able to discuss your final goals and he will be able to recommend which treatment is best for you depending on how large you want your breasts to look after recovery. If you are determined to have a natural augmentation procedure, your treatment will be able to increase your breast size by one to two cup sizes. If this is within your intended goals, then the natural procedure is a great option for you! This treatment is also an optimal decision for patients who are slightly heavier, as they will benefit both from the augmentation and from the liposuction that is used to remove excess fat and insert it into the breasts. If you are a patient with little or no fat stores from which to transfer, this treatment may not be the best approach for you, as the augmentation effects may be limited.

Discover if a breast augmentation with fat transfer in Beverly Hills is right for you by setting up your first appointment with Dr. Kapoor now!

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