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Learning to Love your Body

We live in a society where rigid standards of beauty and body image are re-inscribed on a daily basis. Every ad you see and every magazine you pass is telling you who you should be and what you should look like. It is an impossible burden to place on anyone, and it spares none. Even supermodel Cameron Russell admitted that she struggles with insecurities in her recent TED talk.

So, the question remains: How do you live in a society like ours and continue to love the body standing before you in the mirror? You see all the dark spots, the stretch marks, the cellulite. Every dimple of fat is accounted for and cataloged. However, it really doesn’t have to be this way.

Shifting your Gaze

If you want your relationship with your body to change, then you can’t wait for society to catch up. Body image must start with you. Fortunately, the beginning is pretty simple. Look in the mirror and ignore the features you dislike about yourself. Instead, focus on what you love. Your eyes, your lips, your hands, your ankles… it doesn’t matter. The point is that you express positive emotions. If you do it every day, it begins to create a pattern of positivity that you can rely on.

Caring for Yourself

Body image and positivity is incredibly important to maintaining the self-worth of millions of people around the world, but there are some limitations. It can be very difficult to love your body when your daily decisions are actively harming your physical health. You shouldn’t have to worry about every little pound or extra curve, but you will need to maintain a healthy BMI for your long-term care.

To this end, Huffpost suggests finding physical activities you enjoy. Dancing, bicycle riding, and long walks along the beach are all great options for improving your physical health and your relationship with your body without ever feeling like it is a punishment for past choices. In the end, the past is over, and all you have is the future, so why not work towards the one you will enjoy?

Recognizing Reasonable Change

Once you’ve improved your relationship with your body, you can start to consider what changes you would like to make to keep your positive momentum. If you would like to start engaging in rigorous exercise or picking healthier meals, then feel free. Change can be great, but don’t stop appreciating what you already have. Even if you miss your weight loss goals for one month, don’t worry. Weight fluctuates. Just keep positive and take another look in the mirror to appreciate the beauty you see in yourself.

There may be some other changes you want to see in order to highlight what you love, and that’s fine too. If you want a tummy tuck to help remove extra skin after pregnancy or weight loss, then that is perfectly healthy if it comes from a place of love. Don’t do it for anyone else, just for you, to help you see what you love about yourself every day. If you want a rhinoplasty, that’s fine too. It may help to call attention to other features that you love about yourself.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

The whole point of learning to love yourself is to recognize that your body is yours. If small, safe changes make it easier for you to recognize your natural, beautiful features there is no harm or shame in it. The key is to find a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who is qualified and trustworthy. Educate yourself on the procedure you’re considering and make sure you fully understand what your recovery will look like.

Dr. Kapoor will be with you the rest of the way, taking the focus off the features you don’t like and leaving space to enjoy everything you already love about yourself.

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