General Liposuction Will Solve Those Stubborn Areas

You don’t have to battle against those stubborn bulges anymore! Let your Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Doc help you in the fight those bumps and lumps that just refuse to go away. General liposuction is the answer you need to smooth out any unwanted curves and disproportionate areas. Some fat deposits take more than the gym or diet to slim down, but general lipo will easily tackle these problem areas!

While you’re at it, you can perk up your bust with a breast augmentation with fat transfer. This procedure is just as it sounds—fat will be taken from an unwanted area and used as a way to achieve fuller breasts. It’s a natural and easy way to get the body of your dreams! Some women are even using a fat transfer to get a rounder booty without implants, which is a highly sought after feature these days.

If you feel liposuction in Beverly Hills may be too extreme for you, just consider this: An LA Galaxy player’s model wife just had a lipo procedure done! According to a February 2016 article in ‘The Sun,’ Steven Gerrard’s wife, Alex, underwent cryolipolysis to smooth out some areas she wasn’t completely happy with. Now, this woman has a gorgeous body and definitely works out, but sometimes those fat deposits just don’t want to leave!

The blonde bombshell shared a photo of herself next to the clinic’s advertisement for the helpful procedure with a smile on her face. As you can see, liposuction has many benefits and can help you achieve a smoother silhouette than you ever thought possible!

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