what to expect from brow lift procedure

What to Expect from a Brow Lift Procedure

A brow lift procedure is done to correct skin sagging that compromises the natural facial appearance in an unflattering way. The good news is that this outpatient procedure is quite common in this modern era and can be customized to your desired outcome.

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The Brow Lift Procedure

In the past, coronal brow lifts were implemented and required large incisions into the forehead to complete. Thankfully, surgical advances now allow brow lifts to be done using small, minor incisions during an endoscopic procedure which gives the face a subtle, natural lift. In this endoscopic procedure, the forehead tissues are gently lifted using a small tool and secured in place with small screws or sutures. The incisions are then stitched or closed with small clips.

Benefits of a Brow Lift

The benefits of a brow lift may vary from patient to patient, but there are many universal ones. A brow lift gives your entire face a more youthful appearance, corrects frown lines and forehead wrinkles, and minimizes crow’s feet. It can also improve your eyesight by lifting eyelids and reducing folding. You may find that pores are minimized as well.

What to Expect

Most brow lifts are done in a hospital or outpatient surgical facility and take around 2 hours to be completed. Typically, patients are given a general anesthetic that put them to sleep during the procedure. Once the procedure is finished, your incisions will be sutured and bandaged. Your forehead may be taped, and your head might be loosely wrapped to lower any swelling. A small tube may be placed on the site of incisions to drain any extra blood or fluid, as needed. Specific care instructions will be given to you by your doctor and will include how to tend to your incisions.

The Recovery Process

After a brow lift, it is usually recommended that you rest and keep your head elevated. You may also be prescribed pain medication. Cold compresses may be applied to relieve any swelling that occurs. Avoid exposing incisions to frequent motion or pressure, if possible. As the incisions begin to heal, you may experience itching or numbness, but it should subside with time. In one to three days, your incision bandages will likely be removed by your doctor. Sutures are normally removed within a week to ten days following surgery. Confirm with your doctor when it is okay to resume your normal daily activities such as showering, washing and drying your hair, and other physical movements. Swelling may last several weeks and incision lines will fade over time. Concealer may be applied to cover up any bruising as it heals. Upon doctor approval, you might also consider using healing salves or scar creams to speed up healing.

Setting Up Your Consultation

Your initial consultation will help determine which procedures are best for your desired aesthetic results. A personalized procedure plan is created and all preoperative concerns are addressed. This includes procedure details, the necessary medications, and your expected recovery time. Looking to get a brow lift procedure done soon? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Vishal Kapoor today.

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