4 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures Perfect for Your New Year’s Resolution

Regardless of your walk of life, political affiliation or financial status, one thing is for sure….2016 has been a very tough year. Luckily this long and dreadful year is almost over. However, the year’s end can only mean one thing…. it’s time for your 2017 new year’s resolutions. Commonly resolutions are built around hopeless dreams of hitting the gym 6 days a week while managing a full-time job and all the while finding time to spend with our children. While attaining a healthier life is obviously ideal, a regular gym schedule sometimes just isn’t realistic with our packed schedules and busy lives. This is obvious of course when we consider that less than 10 percent of the American population is able to actually follow through with their resolutions. Healthier living, which is the most common theme of our resolutions, is easily attainable through various methods that don’t include us having to put our lives on hold. With our packed lives that consist of us bustling here and there,  it would seem that cosmetic and plastic surgery could be the best and most effective method for achieving the healthier life that we desire. There are various common plastic surgery procedures that act as perfect complements to the longevity of health in our lives. Various procedures are beneficial to our overall health and can help us achieve the body we want without putting our lives on hold. Some of the best procedures to consider for your new year’s 2017 resolution include:


The increasing popularity of cosmetic surgery amongst Americans can be attributed to the various benefits that many of the procedures include. Liposuction for example is one of the most beneficial procedures for removing excess cellulite. Liposuction in Beverly Hills removes fat from deposits beneath the skin that otherwise can be very difficult for men or women alike to get rid of.  With the assistance of a powerful vacuum, a cosmetic surgeon can also remove fat pockets or excess cellulite that is the result of medical conditions. For example, the notorious “buffalo hump” can be one of the most difficult fat deposits for users of Anti-HIV medications to remove; the buffalo hump and many other health related fat deposits can easily be removed via liposuction. If you want to achieve health and longevity this New Year’s but do not have the time to go to the gym consistently, liposuction can be amongst the best procedures for easy and effective weight loss.


Breast Reduction

Regardless of whether you are a male or a female, a breast reduction can be amongst the best cosmetic procedures for removing excess chest fat. For men, gynecomastia or enlargement of the chest is a common yet difficult to correct ailment. The condition, which is commonly a result of medications, is often a combination of both excess fat and tissue in a man’s chest that makes it appear as if he has breasts. There is no pill, diet or exercise that can effectively correct this issue. Luckily male breast reduction can help men remove the excess fat and achieve a healthier physique.

For women, overly large breasts can be a significant health hazard and can prevent sleep as well as put a significant strain on a woman’s back and neck. Thus, a female breast reduction has various aesthetic and functional benefits. With a female breast reduction in Beverly Hills, not only can a step towards healthier living be achieved but issues such as irritation of the skin, difficulty breathing, uncomfortable body movements and overall health deficiencies can be forgotten. A breast reduction can help the overall health of both men and women and would be a perfect new year’s resolution.

Tummy Tuck

As a truly transformative procedure, tummy tucks help both men and women to achieve flatter and more defined tummies simply. For patients who have done the work to lose weight but just can’t seem to achieve their desired figure, a tummy tuck is one of the most effective methods for affording them the body they have always desired. By creating firmer abdominal muscles and tightening the abdominal skin, a cosmetic surgeon can help to create a perfect contour. The tummy tuck procedure in Beverly Hills can not only create the tight and toned abs that everyone desires but it can even be beneficial in reducing and erasing stretch marks. For anyone that desires a tighter tummy and softer and smoother skin, tummy tucks are a perfect procedure to strive for this new year.

Post Bariatric Surgery

Massive weight loss is an extremely difficult and unimaginable task for many, and once massive weight loss is achieved the next battle is still to be waged. What is someone who recently underwent significant weight loss to do with all that extra skin. Body contouring is absolutely necessary for anyone that has lost weight and wants to remove that excess skin as well as achieve that body they worked so hard for. Post bariatric surgery is the best procedure for removing loose skin, depleting overhanging skin and improving the self esteem of those who lose significant amounts of weight. The overall goal of post bariatric surgery is to restore attractive proportions and remove sagging skin so that the invariably difficult work of losing weight is not done in vain. Every part of the body including the face, neck, arms, legs, breasts, abdomen and more can be victims of excess skin. Luckily post bariatric surgery helps to improve and remove the excess skin in all areas of the body for a complete overhaul that allows the patient to experience their dream body. For anyone that recently lost weight or plans to lose weight, post bariatric surgery is perfect for giving them the body that they desire.

This New Years make a resolution you can keep and don’t fall into the over 90% of Americans that cannot manage their new year’s resolutions. Regardless of whether you can work out twice a week or everyday, there are various beneficial cosmetic procedures that allow for the acquisition of health, longevity and happiness without the need to put our lives on hold.

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