Breast Reductions Are On the Rise as Hollywood Shows Support

There is so much talk about breast augmentation and implants in today’s society, that breast reduction surgery almost seems taboo. They keyword there is ‘almost.’ Awareness of breast reduction surgery is finally gaining momentum as well-known celebrities undergo the procedure. Stars such as ‘Modern Family’ actress Ariel Winter have been outspoken about their breast reduction. While celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Roseanne Barr are also known for their surgeries. Hollywood beauty Scarlett Johansson is rumored to have also opted for breast reduction, but is attributing her decrease in bust size to major weight loss.

Whether Scarlett underwent breast reduction surgery or not, the fact remains clear that not all women are happy with large breasts. Ariel Winter has been completely open about her journey to reduce her cup size, saying she did so in order to relieve lower back pain. She also shared her dramatic memories of shopping with friends and sitting in the changing room crying as tops and swimsuits never properly fit. At the young age of 18, Winter decided she didn’t care what the Hollywood standard was and did what she needed to do to live a more comfortable life.

While breast reduction surgery can be used for vanity reasons, such as fitting into clothes better, it is also a way to relieve bodily aches and pain. Women with large breast s can suffer lower back pain and difficulty exercising, and there’s no reason to fear reducing breast size despite the media’s obsession with larger busts. Your wellbeing and comfort are of the upmost importance to your doctors at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery, and you can decide if a breast reduction is right for you during a free consultation.

In fact, the statistics prove male breast reduction now accounts for 40% of all breast reductions performed, according to a 2016 article in Teen Vogue. This proves the surgery is only gaining popularity as people seek comfort and self-confidence in their bodies. Learn more about female breast reduction here, or visit our male breast reduction page.

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