Breast Reduction Surgery for Men and Women

How Breast Reduction Surgery Works for Men and Women

When one thinks of any sort of breast surgery, they immediately jump to breast augmentation or implants for women. While these types of procedures are wildly popular, the fact of the matter is there are other breast surgeries available to both men and women. A breast reduction surgery is one such cosmetic procedure that can be designed to fit both genders with rewarding benefits.

Gynecomastia in Men

A condition known as gynecomastia is an enlargement of the male chest.  Sometime the condition is associated with certain drugs and medical conditions while other times the cause is unknown.  Gynecomastia develops when breast and fat tissue increase, displaying atypically large and unwanted “breasts”.

A male breast reduction (gynecomastia) is the removal of fat and or breast tissue.  Diet, exercise, pills, and injections do not help the condition.  Once a breast reduction is performs the tissues will not re-grow and the results are long-lasting.

What is a Male Breast Reduction?

A male breast reduction surgery is a cosmetic procedure that will improve the contour of the chest to create a firmer, flatter appearance.  This can improve the self-confidence and self-esteem of men who are afflicted with the condition.  Fat and glandular tissue is removed from the breast and if necessary, excess skin will also be removed.  The procedure will leave the patient with a firmer, flatter, and more masculine chest.

Gynecomastia has both a physical and emotional effect for some men.  Young boys, in particular, may feel social isolation and have a poor self-image.  This could lead to a reluctance to socialize with same or opposite sex friends.  Males with enlarged breasts may feel embarrassed and uncomfortable with their image.

Who are the Best Candidates for a Male Breast Reduction?

Physically healthy men who wish to change their chests to have a more masculine body are great candidates for gynecomastia.

If you drink or smoke heavily, a male breast reduction is not recommended.  It is also not recommended for those who take steroids.  It is important for men who are overweight or obese to try to improve their breast appearance first with exercise and weight loss.

How is Male Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

The procedure is usually done under general anesthesia and takes two or more hours.  One or both breast may be treated.  If the enlargement is due to excess fatty tissue, it will be removed with liposuction.  If there is also excess glandular tissue and skin then an excision will be required.  Most often, a combination of both techniques will be used.

There is often some bruising and swelling so patients will be prescribed medication to minimize discomfort.  You will also need to wear an elastic pressure garment for the first two weeks and then for several weeks after that you will need to wear it only at night.  Stitches will be removed in the following week or two. You should be able to return to work in a few days but should avoid strenuous activity for at least three weeks.  Doctors also advise to abstain from sex for a couple of weeks to allow time for healing.  Protect the scars from sun exposure for a minimum of six months after the procedure.

Breast Reduction Surgery for Women

Many women with overly large breast choose to have a breast reduction in Beverly Hills for a number of reasons.  Self-esteem is also a factor for women when it comes to breast size and shopping for nice fitting clothing can be difficult for large breasted women. Large breasts also make exercise difficult or uncomfortable and more painful for your body.

Difficulty Breathing and Sleeping

Heavy breasts can cause breathing and sleeping difficulties for some.  A breast reduction can help women breathe and sleep more comfortably.

Irritation of the Skin

Bras that are made to hold larger, heavier breasts can be uncomfortable.  The wide straps are a skin irritant and leave marks from the pressure.

How a Breast Reduction is Performed on Women

Breast reduction is an outpatient procedure that requires general anesthesia.  An incision will be made to remove excess tissue and skin.Once the tissue and skin have been removed the areola and nipple are repositioned to fit the new size of breast.

You will notice bruising and swelling that may stay for three to four months.  To help keep swelling to a minimum make sure you keep up your fluid intake.Other side effects that you may notice are changes in nipple sensitivity, itching around the incision sites, and increased firmness or fullness in the breast tissue.

Vishal Kapoor, M.D. and Robert Schlenker, M.d. FACS are board certified physicians who perform cosmetic procedures in the Beverly Hills area.  You can contact them if you are interested in a consultation regarding breast reduction.

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