Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation: Which is Best for You?

Breast Lift vs. Breast Augmentation: Which is Best for You?

Today I’m going to discuss the top benefits and risks associated with breast augmentation versus breast lift procedures in Beverly Hills.

Women seeking to reduce, reshape, lift or re-position their breasts may be confused which procedures they need to fulfill their desires. A breast lift procedure will achieve very different results than a breast augmentation procedure.  If you are confused or undecided about which procedure is best for you, one of Beverly Hills top plastic surgeons, Dr. Vishal Kapoor, can show you the advantages of a breast lift and breast augmentation as well as the difference between both.

Top Breast Augmentation Benefits in Beverly Hills

Breast augmentation, although able to improve breast size, is primarily used to improve asymmetrical breasts and those with abnormal shape. It’s no doubt that not all women were endowed with the chest they had dreamed of. For women with abnormally shaped breasts, breast augmentation in Beverly Hills can improve the aesthetic look and feel of breasts without increasing or reducing size.


Women seeking breast augmentation in Beverly Hills because of asymmetrical breasts can also see significant improvement. Currently 45% of American women have one breast that is at least half a cup size or more different from the other. Breast augmentation is perfect for giving women breasts of equivalent size.


In a survey completed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, 86 percent of women reported they were unhappy with their breasts prior to their breast augmentation. Following the procedure, 92 percent reported improved self-esteem and 64 percent said they experienced an improved quality of life.

Top Benefits of Breast Augmentation in Beverly Hills:

  • Improves Abnormally Shaped Breasts

Breast augmentation surgery helps to improve the appearance of abnormally shaped breasts. Using silicone gel implants, saline implants or fat transfer, a breast augmentation helps women to achieve breasts sized and shaped to their desire. As one of the most popular and most frequently performed aesthetic surgery procedures in America, breast augmentation has been trusted by millions of women to improve the abnormal shape of their breasts and to help them achieve a balanced figure.

  • Corrects Asymmetrical Breasts

As stated before, nearly half of the women in America have one breast that is at least half a cup size or more different from the other. It is very common for women to have a slight difference in the size and shape of their breasts. Similar to other parts of our body, such as legs and arms, breasts are almost never symmetrical. With breasts however, the asymmetrical nature is much more noticeable.


While asymmetrical breasts are normal, there may also be conditions that contribute to the differences in size and shape. Poland’s syndrome is one of these conditions which results in a reduction in the size of one of the breasts, and sometimes the underlying chest muscle and rib cage. According to The National Library of Medicine “People with Poland syndrome are typically missing part of one of the major chest muscles, called the pectoralis major. In most affected individuals, the missing part is the large section of the muscle that normally runs from the upper arm to the breastbone (sternum). The abnormal pectoralis major muscle may cause the chest to appear concave. In some cases, additional muscles on the affected side of the torso, including muscles in the chest wall, side, and shoulder, may be missing or underdeveloped. There may also be rib cage abnormalities, such as shortened ribs, and the ribs may be noticeable due to less fat under the skin (subcutaneous fat). Breast and nipple abnormalities may also occur, and underarm (axillary) hair is sometimes sparse or abnormally placed. In most cases, the abnormalities in the chest area do not cause health problems or affect movement.”


Regardless of the reasoning, breast asymmetry can be corrected by breast augmentation surgery. Breast augmentation surgery can correct asymmetrical breasts and asymmetrical nipples.

  • Improves Self Esteem

Body image is an important and often overlooked factor in improving self esteem, especially in women. While there are a variety of reasons women may choose to undergo a breast augmentation procedure, it can always help to improve self esteem.  According to research conducted by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, “breast augmentation is one of the top plastic surgery procedures performed today. Approximately 307,180 women had the procedure performed in 2011. This number has increased by four percent from the previous year and by 45 percent since 2000.” This sharp increase in breast augmentation procedures could be attributed to the fact that more women use breast augmentation as a way to improve confidence and self esteem.


According to a 2007 study conducted by researchers at The University of Florida, breast augmentation surgery may be a significant factor in improving the self esteem of women. This study, which was published in the January-March edition of Plastic Surgical Nursing, examined the self esteem of 84 women who had undergone breast augmentation and had breast implants. The results showed that for the majority of the women, following their procedure their self-esteem skyrocketed. In fact the study found that at least 80 percent of the women reported having “a significant increase in self esteem” following the procedure.


The Florida study is one of many that have found the same results, breast augmentation can positively contribute to women’s self esteem.

  • Helps You Fit Clothes Better

Many women can have trouble finding clothes that fit correctly if the suffer from asymmetrical or misshapen breasts. Many women even have to have specially made bras and clothes to properly fit their body. Breast augmentation properly proportions breasts allowing for women to fit into clothes properly.

  • Receive Treatment from One of Beverly Hills Top Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Kapoor MD is one of Beverly Hills top plastic surgeons. As a specialist in all aspects of Aesthetic Surgery with a special emphasis on breast surgery, Dr Kapoor has performed dozens of breast augmentation procedures. He understands that every woman is unique, and what works well for one may not be appropriate for another which is why breast augmentation surgery just might do the trick. He has spent years providing women with a new aesthetic appeal such as firmer, fuller breasts with breast augmentation in Beverly Hills. His patients especially appreciate his caring bedside manner, meticulous attention to detail, and ability to create a natural appearance. Making a difference in people’s lives and participating in their positive changes in self-confidence are two key reasons why Dr. Kapoor chose to specialize in aesthetic plastic surgery.

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Top Breast Augmentation Risks

  • Breast and nipple numbness
  • Chronic breast pain
  • Scar tissue

Top Breast Lift Benefits in Beverly Hills

A breast lift, unlike a breast augmentation is primarily used to improve sagging breasts. A breast lift firms and lifts sagging breasts while retaining a natural look and feel, which some prefer over the synthetic feel that can result from a breast augmentation procedure.


Sagging can occur for various reasons including recent pregnancy, heredity, aging and more. A breast lift allows a natural lift without changing size or inserting synthetic material. Additionally, since breast lifts only affect the surrounding breast tissue, there is no effect to the milk ducts allowing mothers or future mothers to still breastfeed their children.

Top Benefits of  Breast Lift in Beverly Hills:

  • Don’t Lose Your Natural Contour

A breast lift helps to lift and firm the breasts but won’t make you lose your breasts’ natural contour. No changing of breast size, or inserting of breast implants will take place during a breast lift in Beverly Hills. Your natural breasts will just be lifted and firmed without a synthetic look or feel.

  • Improves Your Self Esteem

Much like a breast augmentation procedure, a breast lift also helps to improve the self esteem in women. Whether due to age, heredity or perhaps a recent pregnancy, sagging breasts can damage the self esteem of women. With a breast lift women can experience an increase in self esteem naturally without implants or synthetics.

  • Reverses The Effects of Gravity and Gives You a More Youthful Look

Over time gravity takes effect on the breasts of men and women, it just takes a harsher toll on women. For many women, receiving implants or synthetics isn’t desired, but they still want to appear more youthful and reverse the effects of gravity. A breast lift is perfect for giving women their desired younger appearance while

  • Doesn’t Affect Milk Ducts and Breastfeeding

Unlike many other breast enhancement operations, breast lifts will not affect a woman’s milk ducts or ability to breastfeed. A breast augmentation places silicone, repositioned fat or other synthetic material in the breast to enhance it. In doing so a woman’s ability to breastfeed can be effected. A breast lift does not place synthetic material in a woman’s chest, and only lifts and repositions the already existent chest tissue. Thus the ability to breastfeed will not be altered in any way.

  • Receive Treatment from One of Beverly Hills Top Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Kapoor MD is one of Beverly Hills top plastic surgeons. As a specialist in all aspects of Aesthetic Surgery with a special emphasis on breast surgery, Dr Kapoor has performed dozens of breast lifts. Dr. Kapoor understands that as we age, our skin starts to become lax, and this is often exacerbated by recent pregnancy, significant weight loss, or even genetic disposition. Beverly Hills breast lift is designed to remove extra skin and tighten the skin of the breast area, lifting the breasts to a firmer position. The main criteria for selecting the correct approach for a specific patient is the degree of lifting desired. Dr. Kapoor will cater to your needs to the best of his abilities so make sure you let him know your desired result during your consultation.

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Top Breast Lift Risks

  • Changes in sensation.
  • Temporary scarring
  • Surgical risk

In rare cases an increase in sensitivity or numbness or loss of sensation in the nipples can be a side effect. On very rare occasions this side effect can also be permanent. Initially following the procedure a loss in sensation is normal as the nerves that bring sensation to the breast are severed during surgery. It may take several months for these nerves to regenerate and subsequently for sensation to return to its normal state.


Dr. Kapoor, one of Beverly Hills top plastic surgeons, specializes in breast lift, breast augmentation and many more procedures to improve your breasts. Each procedure has its own advantages and every woman has different desires, but both procedures are perfect for improving your self-esteem and improving your quality of life. Want to learn more about getting a breast augmentation or a breast lift in Beverly Hills, give us a call at (310) 385-9623.

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