3 Tips To Reduce Tummy Tuck Swelling

Post tummy tuck surgery in Beverly Hills, most patients are in recovery mode follow by playing the “waiting game” to see their final result. While swelling is an inevitable aspect of the recovery process after any surgery, patients may feel discouraged by excessive swelling that obscure their new look. We have compiled 3 post-surgical recovery tips to help reduce the swelling at a must faster rate.

Compression Garment
Following abdominoplasty, patients are to wear compression garments to help promote blood circulation for a healthy recovery. While you may feel tempted to throw away the garment, following your Doctors instructions can help ensure the best possible results after your tummy tuck surgery.

Stay Mildly Active
Your recovery period should remain slow and steady but not sedentary. Staying mildly active encourages blood flow throughout the body and prevents blood clot. In addition to wearing your compression garment, get some light exercise in such as walking the dog, stroll around the park, perform soft yoga exercises, and even cook meals to help with healthy blood circulation. However, listening to your body is key. If your body is telling you that it is in pain, sow down your activities and listen to your body.

Eat Right
The food you eat determines the way your body looks after the surgery. Since sodium retains water, eating high-sodium food like frozen meals and fast foods would only increase your swelling. Instead, opt for leafy greens and fresh produce and poultry. Getting plenty of vegetables and vitamins and minerals from fresh produce will help propel your body into a speedier recovery. Stay hydrated as well by drinking plenty of h2o. Water is key ingredients to fully furnished working bodies at its optimal point.

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