Biggest Liposuction Myths Debunked

Liposuction is one of the oldest and most commonly used cosmetic procedures for men and women alike. As one of the greatest cosmetic methods for quickly and efficiently removing excess fat deposits, liposuction is one of the most beloved procedures for both doctors and patients. In fact, our very own Dr. Kapoor has been effectively improving the body contour and proportion of his patients with liposuction Beverly Hills for many years. It is understood that proper balance and contour of the body is essential for establishing an attractive and healthy human form. Other than the understanding that the procedure can effectively improve the overall look and feel of the human body, many people don’t understand much about liposuction and its effects. There exists a deluge of myths surrounding the cosmetic surgical procedure and many people remain ignorant to many of the truths of liposuction for weight loss. Read on to learn the real liposuction myths and facts to learn the truths of the benefits of liposuction for weight loss.

Myth 1- Liposuction is The Same Procedure as a Tummy Tuck

It is commonly misconstrued that liposuction and tummy tucks are the same procedure and thus offer the same or similar results. However, this is not and could not be further from the truth. In fact, both procedures potentially target different areas of the body and provide patients with contrasting outcomes.

The tummy tuck is an overall transformative procedure that produces firmer abdominal muscles and tightens the abdominal skin. Unlike liposuction, the tummy tuck surgical procedure allows a cosmetic surgical specialist to smooth out skin and even reduce stretch marks to create a toned abdominal area. Generally, the procedure is perfect for women or men who recently have lost weight. After weight loss, it is common for excess skin to remain that, in addition to being visually displeasing, can also create various medical issues and produce chafing and rashes. All the issues that arise after weight loss can be ebbed by a tummy tuck but not necessarily by any other procedures. Liposuction is unable to firm abdominal muscles, remove excess skin or reduce stretch marks. Instead, the procedure is utilized to extract excess fat while eliminating fat deposits. Dr. Kapoor employs liposuction in Beverly Hills to remove both pockets of fat and tissue that may or may not be caused by medical conditions. Ultimately the two procedures are useful for similar purposes but are not the same cosmetic surgical procedure. However, it isn’t uncommon for the two cosmetic surgical procedures to be used in unison to remove excess fat, eliminate fat deposits, reduce stretch marks and abolish excess skin.

Myth 2- Only Women Get Liposuction

It has become an overgeneralized stereotype that cosmetic surgical procedures are only reserved for women. However, it has become increasingly common in the United States for men to undergo the knife. In fact, for many procedures men tend to be knocking on the doors of plastic surgeons more than women. As far as liposuction is concerned, this is not necessarily the case. However, men are now more than ever realizing the benefits from the body sculpting effects of liposuction for reduction of fat deposits.

Overall women tend to have more fat deposits, which can be found in the hips and thighs, and therefore are more apt to benefit further from liposuction. While this is true, men are often more predisposed to accumulate a greater amount of fat in the neck and abdomen which is perfect for removal via cosmetic suction. Additionally, a significant amount of men has utilized the cosmetic procedure to reduce excess fat in their love handles and chest, which commonly store additional fat deposits. For men with those stubborn deposits of fat that cannot be targeted with diet or exercise alone, Dr. Kapoor performs liposuction in Beverly Hills to produce a thinner and more v contoured body and chest. Dr. Kapoor has served many men in Beverly Hills who wanted to lose excess fat, read on to learn more liposuction myths and facts.

Myth 3- Your Fat Will Come Back Elsewhere after The Surgical Procedure

Exercise and dieting may not always be enough to lose the amount of fat and fatty deposits that you desire. Oftentimes, men and women cannot eliminate fat from target areas in the abdomen, thighs, chest and hips. Liposuction offers a swift and effective method for eliminating that excess fat unlike any other method available. Despite the efficacy of liposuction for the removal of fatty deposits, it is generally believed that the fat removed from target areas somehow becomes redistributed to other areas of the body following the procedure. It is true that liposuction is not necessarily a permanent means for weight loss if the proper maintenance of diet and exercise is not adhered to. However, it is wholly a myth that fat is repositioned and redistributed to other areas of the body following the procedure.

While fat is not repositioned after your procedure, you may experience additional weight gain in other areas of your body. If you continue to divulge in weight gaining habits it is conventional to encounter additional weight gain in areas of the body where liposuction was not performed. The reason for this is because the cosmetic procedure of liposuction removes fat cells from a specific area of your body. If you were targeting your abdomen, the fat cells would be removed in addition to fatty deposits in the abdomen. Upon extracting fat cells in your abdomen, your body’s remaining fat cells in other areas of the body will be more prone to store calories from your intake. Considering there are simply less fat cells in the areas you previously were predisposed to experience weight gain in, the calories and fat will generally be stored elsewhere. Continue reading to learn more liposuction myths and facts, and contact us at (310) 385-9623 for liposuction in Beverly Hills.

Myth 4- Liposuction is Great for Obese Patients

Many people presume that liposuction is a great means for assisting obese patients in weight loss. Unfortunately, the best candidates for liposuction are patients that are at a steady weight and within about 20-30% of their ideal body weight. It is important to understand that the procedure has certain limitations and thus it is critical to maintain realistic expectations, as it is with all cosmetic procedures.

Overall liposuction can reduce the weight of people with obesity but remains ineffective in maintaining that weight loss. Obese patients nearly always regain their weight within just a few months of the procedure. Ultimately, there must be a reduction in calorie intake and an increase of exercise in obese patients. Removing a significant amount of weight via liposuction will not only prove to be ineffective long term but it also can result potential surgical complications. Thus, liposuction will not provide benefit to obese patients that believe the surgical procedure can assist in their weight loss. However, an overweight patient that is unhappy with their physique and has been at a stable weight for many years is a perfect candidate for the procedure. If the patient also has specific target areas of fat, they would be a very suitable candidate for liposuction in Beverly Hills. Keeping in mind that liposuction is not necessarily for weight loss, the procedure is reasonable for an obese patient when the goal is to improve a troublesome body contour area. On the same token, it is unreasonable and improbable to assume that liposuction as a surgical procedure to provide weight loss will be beneficial or effective. Read on to learn even more liposuction myths and facts.

Myth 5- Liposuction Recovery Time is Very Long

Liposuction is a surgical procedure. Even though the procedure doesn’t take long, doesn’t necessarily require anesthesia and is utilized for cosmetic purposes, the procedure is still surgical in nature. Because it is in fact considered a surgical procedure, many people believe that the recovery time can take very long and potentially even last months. The belief that the procedure requires long recovery times is undeniably yet another myth that surrounds the procedure. Due to continuous advances in technology, liposuction no longer takes weeks or months to recover from. In fact, Dr. Kapoor expects a 2-14 day recovery time following liposuction in Beverly Hills. While the recovery time differs from patient to patient and is mainly based upon the volume of excess fat removed, most patients should be able to return to work or their daily activities in less than two weeks. Vigorous activity should be avoided from 1-3 weeks following the procedure and visible bruising or swelling should clear within 7-10 days. Overall, liposuction recovery is short and will allow patients to return to their daily lives and work within only a few days or weeks. Read on to learn even more liposuction myths and facts.

Myth 6- Liposuction Increases Skin Sagging

Throughout this list we have compiled various liposuction myths and facts; one of the most common myths surrounding the procedure is that liposuction increases skin sagging among patients. However, the common myth that skin sagging increases after a patient’s procedure is just that, a myth. Patients will almost never experience excess or sagging skin following their procedure. While liposuction is a magnificent way to improve the contour and overall figure of a man’s or woman’s body, it does not alter the appearance or feel of the skin. If prior to the surgery a patient does not have loose or sagging skin, they still will not have loose or sagging skin following the procedure. In contrast, if a patient did in fact have loose or sagging skin prior to the procedure, it will remain postliminary. Regardless, liposuction plays no role in the production or reduction of loose or sagging skin in any area of the body. It is common for patients that want to contour their body through liposuction and have bagging or droopy skin to combine the procedure with a tummy tuck as well. Tummy tucks are perfect for removing excess skin, contouring the body and tightening or flattening target areas. It is routine for Dr. Kapoor to combine the two procedures when it is the desire of the patient to lose excess fat and tighten or flatten their skin at the same time.

Myth 7- There is An Age Limit for Liposuction

Despite the commonly held myth that the elderly should not or cannot undergo liposuction surgery, there is no age limit for the procedure. Age is not a factor that plays into candidacy. Rather, health is the main limiting factor for liposuction in addition to almost all other cosmetic procedures. Our specialists generally do not consider age a large factor for patients. An elderly patient that exercises regularly and eats healthy is a more appropriate candidate for cosmetic procedures than a young patient that eats unhealthy, fails to exercise and smokes often. Health factors are always more important to the overall candidacy of a patient than age or other uncontrollable factors. Regardless, elderly patients can be at more of a risk for surgical complications. Thus, it is always important to discuss with Dr. Kapoor to understand your candidacy and eligibility for undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

Liposuction remains one of the most common and effective cosmetic procedures for patients desiring to achieve a more contoured body. Regardless of the many myths that surround the procedure, liposuction is a great operation for assisting patients achieve a slim and contoured body.  It is always important to maintain healthy liposuction goals and to already be within 20-30% of your desired body weight. To learn more about liposuction in Beverly Hills contact us at (310) 385-9623.

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