Benefits of a Tummy Tuck Surgery

The Incredible Benefits of a Tummy Tuck Surgery

There are many reasons to consider undergoing a tummy tuck to achieve your ultimate body goals but there still may be questions on the possible outcomes and benefits it creates. The results that follow a tummy tuck procedure can be life altering, not just for your appearance, but the confidence that comes with it and the healthy lifestyle it can inspire so you can maintain that beautiful figure. A tummy tuck is the perfect procedure for women and men whose bodies have made dramatic changes and want to feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies. With the assistance of a board certified and experienced cosmetic surgeon, the results of a tummy tuck will quickly improve how you see yourself.

The Women & Men Who Will See Incredible Results

Many women and men who are curious about the benefits of tummy tuck after they have tried to reach their ideal physique on their own are the most likely to see and feel the incredible results. According to The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery the people who will greatly benefit and see the best results from a tummy tuck include:

  • Those who have lost weight due to diet and exercise, but the abdomen still protrudes.
  • Women who were pregnant and whose abdominal muscles and skin have stretched as well as sagged.
  • Those who have lost significant weight and now having sagging skin around the abdomen.
  • Those who are predominantly in good shape, but have always had more weight around the abdomen.

Overall Image Improvement

The physical and mental results of a tummy tuck go hand in hand as your attractive appearance will reflect your life positively both inside and out. Physically, the results of a tummy tuck will remove stretch marks, sagging skin, and excess fat to shape and contour your abdomen perfectly.  Mentally, it can help boost your confidence and self-esteem because of the physical improvements to your body. Having the abdomen that finally fits your body goals can help you reflect positively on yourself and feel more energetic. Clothes will also fit and flatter your body shape better which can boost your confidence and appearance.

Better Core Strength & More Ease Exercising

After a tummy tuck, your stretched-out muscles will be tightened to improve your overall core strength. Muscles that have stretched for whatever reason often become weak and therefore respond less to exercise and diet. With a strengthened core and toned abdomen, you will be able to exercise more easily and it can turn into a more enjoyable experience for you without sagging skin or excess fat weighing you down.

Motivation to Improve Quality of Life

Incredible results can sometimes come from within, after seeing and feeling how amazing you look from your tummy tuck, it can greatly improve your lifestyle habits. On a physical level, the removal of excess fat can reduce the number of hormones that are appetite-affecting, so you feel more satiated. This lack of hunger and new attractive look can help motivate you to keep on the path to a healthy life.

Improve Posture & Back Pain

When your core becomes strengthened, tightened abdominal muscles can create less pressure on the spinal cord and therefore allow you to stand and sit straighter. The removal of excess fat also prevents the weight from your stomach pulling you forward and thus creating better posture. With that in mind, the aligning of your spine and reduced forward pressure may also help alleviate back pain.

Reduce Health Problems

Due to excess fat in the abdomen, many health issues can arise including diabetes, heart disease, heart attacks, and more. Having excess fat can also put pressure on internal organs and interfere with healthy body functions. With a tummy tuck, the removal of this fat can lower the risk of possible medical problems. Also, those who experience bladder problems may find relief due to core strengthening.

How to Get These Incredible Results

Being the perfect candidate and keeping motivated are a couple ways to have the long-lasting results you desire, but the most important way to get the results you want is choosing the right cosmetic surgeon. Making the right decision in cosmetic surgeon is crucial to achieve the best possible outcome from the procedure. When choosing consider the following criteria for your surgeon: has confirmed cosmetic surgeon’s training, has board certification, and has had formal training in tummy tuck surgery. Another way to get a feel for the surgeon’s past work is taking an extensive look at their before and after tummy tuck gallery to understand their success rate and aesthetic detail.

Dr. Vishal Kapoor and Dr. Robert Schlenker are Beverly Hills Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeons that specialize in body contouring surgeries, a requirement for creating your desired figure. With their detail-oriented techniques they achieve the best possible results and completely minimize potential complications such as scarring and trauma. To have a safe and successful outcome with the incredible results you’ve been looking for make a consultation today to learn more about the procedure itself and the results you should expect.

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