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Benefits of Male Breast Reduction

male breast reduction Beverly Hills

Many people think that breast reduction is for women and women only. But what many are unaware of is that are many male patients who opt for the male breast reduction procedure.

Men who have extra fat on their chests often feel insecure about their appearance. Oftentimes, they feel that the surplus of fat makes them look feminine.

Gynecomastia, the excessive growth of breast tissue, affects 36% of young adult men and 57% older males in the United States. Although it is not life threatening, the condition can make a man feel less masculine. For more information about male breast reduction in Beverly Hills, visit Dr. Kapoor today.

Tired of Looking Effeminate?

The surplus of fat on the chest area is a characteristic often attributed to females. So if you are a man with enlarged breast tissue, it’s likely that you feel embarrassed about your condition.
The good news is that men don’t have to live with gynecomastia for the rest of their lives. Consuming an estrogen-free diet, wearing compression shirts, and taking gynecomastia supplements help in reducing the appearance of what many now call as “man boobs”.

Although the methods mentioned above help alleviate the appearance of enlarged breast tissue, they don’t offer immediate or lasting results.

Male breast reduction surgery, on the other hand, can help permanently remove gynecomastia. Among all the options available, it is admittedly the most expensive one. But the benefits far outweigh the high cost of the procedure:

1. Renewed self-confidence

When was the last time that you honestly felt great about yourself? If you’ve endured having “man boobs” for so long, you know how psychologically damaging it can be. You feel anxious about the way you look and how people perceive you based on your appearance.

Going through male breast reduction surgery is a major life decision that could affect the way you see yourself. You will no longer feel ashamed or insecure about having those pockets of fat on your chest.

2. Better posture

Slouching is a common trait often associated with having gynecomastia. The lack of self-esteem combined with the physical burden of the condition makes slouching a bad habit to break.

Male breast reduction patients show better posture after their surgery. This is because the physical and psychological barriers of having large male breasts have been removed.

3. Masculine physique

Workouts are great in burning fats and firming up muscles. But they won’t target the fat deposits beneath the areola no matter how many chest pumps you do.

Patients who undergo breast reduction often show a more masculine build. With the excess fats removed, male patients look more chiseled especially if they incorporate a workout routine after they have recovered from the procedure.

4. Better fitting clothes

When you have gynecomastia, wearing tight-fitting clothing is often not an option. The shirt could be too tight around the chest area, making the breasts appear larger than they really are. Because of this, many men with gynecomastia have resigned themselves to wearing loose shirts and jackets.

Breast reduction for men eliminates this problem by permanently removing the excess fat. There’s no need to disguise the breasts by wearing loose clothing. However, it’s important to note that obesity can still affect breast side, but it will not bring back the puffiness associated with gynecomastia.

5. Peace of mind

Men who go through breast reduction don’t often do it out of vanity alone. The surgery helps male patients the peace of mind they deserve to live a better life. Simple things like socializing with others or being able to take their shirts off at the beach make male breast reduction a worthwhile investment.

Male Breast Reduction in Beverly Hills

Most males with gynecomastia are good candidates for breast reduction in Beverly Hills. Schedule a consultation today to receive your personalized treatment recommendations.

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