5 Top Facelift Facts

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures in the United States. As the most comprehensive and effective approach for rejuvenating and refreshing facial sagging, facelifts are extremely popular. Facelift surgery lifts and firms the facial tissues that begin to sag as we age. By properly lifting the sagging facial tissues, utilizing the facelift surgery in Beverly Hills, Dr. Kapoor restores a more natural and youthful facial appearance to all his patients. It is commonly said that the facelift works best to turn back the hands of time and allow patients the satisfaction of both feeling and looking like a younger and reinvigorated version of themselves. A facelift surgery in Beverly Hills doesn’t just make patients look younger. In fact, by removing excess and sagging skin, smoothing deep folds and lifting the deep sagging facial tissues, a facelift in Beverly Hills will allow patients to simply feel better and more confident.


There are countless benefits of a facelift in Beverly Hills for patients. Unfortunately, the multitude of perks of facelifts remain a mystery to most prospective patients. In fact, many people who want a facelift in Beverly Hills or yearn for a refreshed and revitalized facial appearance don’t know much about the popular cosmetic procedure. Dr. Kapoor goes in depth into five rather unknown facts about the facelift surgery in Beverly Hills to enlighten patients more on the cosmetic procedure.


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#5 Facelifts Are One of the Finest Methods of Facial Rejuvenation

Facelifts are simply the most sought after and most effective cosmetic methods for improving aging facial features. Regardless of the desire of the patient, be it to improve sag, to enhance the look of the facial structure or to revamp the feel of the face, a facelift in Beverly Hills offers an effectual means for achieving their facial enhancing goals.


Despite their popularity, facial fillers such as Botox cannot and will not offer the same results as a cosmetic face lift. While Botox and other facial fillers are quite effective methods of improving facial features in patients, the results of facelifts prove to be exceptionally superior to that of facial fillers. In fact, Botox is truly only suitable for plumping the skin and reducing lines, wrinkles and creases in the face. Regrettably the fillers effects stop there and fail to address the deeper structural issues in the face and fail to remove the excess sagging skin in patients. For many patients, excess sagging skin is the ultimate cause of their facial discomforts; by not removing the present skin surplus, Botox leaves a great deal to be desired. Conclusively, a face lift yields long term benefits that can exist for more than a decade. Additionally, unlike permanent facial fillers, the results and effects of a facial lift age more naturally.



#4 Facelifts Offer Natural Looking Results

Obviously, every patient wants a pure looking face with natural feeling facial features. Unfortunately, if you just mention the word “facelift” most people conjure up ideals of images of celebrities with that common stretched face look. Luckily these stretched face and “operated on” looks are a thing of the past. No longer do facelifts result in a synthetic and “operated on” look. In the past, facelifts were executed by simply pulling the skin back which acted as a one size fits all method that ultimately was unsuccessful for most.


The modern contemporary facelift surgery in Beverly Hills is much more refined than the procedure of days past. In fact, cosmetic surgeons no longer just pull the skin back and instead now operate in much more refined methods that would offer further permanent solutions for facial aging effects. Rather than simply pulling the extra skin up, modern facial lifts literally reposition the underlying muscles in the face and remove extra skin and fat. By following the modern method of facelifts, cosmetic surgeons lift, tighten and modify facial features based specifically on the needs of each individual client. The common days past one size fits all approach of simply pulling skin back doesn’t work for every individual and will not offer specific targeted results. With modern facelift procedures, patients can receive focused returns that are both long lasting and have a natural appearance.



#3 Facelifts Correct Multiple Facial Issues

The facelift procedure is a perfect option for correcting facial sagging. In fact, most facelift procedures are selected by patients specifically for the improvement of sagging skin on the face. However, sagging skin is not the only correction that facelifts can make. As a matter of fact, Dr Kapoor’s facelift in Beverly Hills corrects a surfeit of facial concerns including:


Deep Creases:

The facelift surgery in Beverly Hills, performed by Dr. Vishal Kapoor, improves deep creases found in the face. These deep creases often extend from a patient’s nose all the way to the corners of the mouth. These deep creases, also known as nasolabial folds, can age your facial appearance significantly and leave compelling signs of stress and fatigue. By correcting the deep crease stretches on the face, Dr. Kapoor can help you achieve your goal of appearing naturally younger.

Facial Fat:

As we age it is only natural that facial fat begins to accumulate and leave our faces appearing worn, tired and aged. Unlike facial fillers and facial lifts of the past, modern facial lifts target facial fat. Oftimes the accumulated fat in the face begins to fall or become displaced over time. A facial lift will reposition the collapsed or luxated fat to allow the appearance of younger, rejuvenated and skinnier facial features.

Loss of Muscle Tone:

Sagging of skin and loss of muscle tone can both be overwhelming effects on the appearance and appeal of the face. In fact, loss of muscle tone almost always results in jowls in the lower part of the cheek. Jowls have an almost instantaneous aging effect. Dr. Kapoor utilizes modern state-of-the-art procedures for facelift surgery in Beverly Hills to improve the appearance of jowls created by loss of muscle tone in the face and cheeks.

Double Chin:

The dreaded double chin, easy to acquire but impossible to remove. Double chins are in some manners almost inevitable as you age. Naturally, double chins are synonymous with an aged face and negatively affect the confidence and facial appearance of patients. A facelift in Beverly Hills often can correct and reverse double chins simply. Generally double chins are a result of loose, saggy skin and excess fatty deposits located under the chin and jaw. Because skin naturally begins to sag as we age, double chins are commonplace as we mature. A facelift surgery in Beverly Hills can correct sagging skin and fatty deposits resulting in an overall significant improvement to double chins.

Creased and Sagging Neck Skin:

Facelifts aren’t only effective in correcting and reversing the hands of time in the presentation of the face. Facelift surgery in Beverly Hills is additionally effectual in accomplishing improvements in aging issues that appear in the neck as well. It is commonplace that the neck can become a victim of aging concerns as well. Creases and sagging in the neck become increasingly evident as we age and leave us with a heightened display of a worn look.

There are various cogent reasons to choose a facelift over fillers for improving facial features. The most compelling argument should be that unlike facial fillers, a facelift procedure corrects these multiple facial issues. Facial fillers cannot improve double chin, creased and sagging neck skin, loss of muscle tone or excess facial fat. A modern facelift surgery in Beverly Hills offers impeccable improvements over facelifts of days past and certainly offers greater results than those offered by facial fillers.


#2 A Facelift is Performed Unlike Any Other Cosmetic Procedure

Unlike the facelift procedure, most other facial improving cosmetic methods focus almost exclusively on the lower facial areas. Thus, patients who undergo most other facial improvement procedures can only expect enhancements to their lower facial features such as the jawline, jowls and cheeks. A facelift however can target various areas of the face that other procedures simply cannot reach. Based upon your desires, Dr. Kapoor is generally able to tailor a facelift to your specific wants and needs. A facelift procedure allows for various techniques so focus can be placed on a plethora of target areas on the face.


Dependent upon the desired outcomes, a customized approach is formed and implemented by Dr. Kapoor. A facelift surgery in Beverly Hills requires generally small incisions; however, the size and placement of incisions always are based upon the customized approach to key desired areas. Following the incisions Dr. Kapoor will raise the skin and reposition underlying connective tissue and muscles. Additionally, excess fat and skin are removed which occasionally requires liposuction.


Dr. Kapoor takes advantage of the multitude of benefits provided by this unique and effective cosmetic procedure. When performed by a specialist like Dr Kapoor, a facelift is not only performed unlike any other cosmetic procedure but the result are far superior than those of any other facial cosmetic procedure. Depending on your specific aesthetic wishes, a facelift is enormously beneficial for improving the overall look and feel of your face.




#1 There are Multiple Facelift Options

There are multiple approaches to a facelift procedure. While a facelift can offer a plethora of benefits, some approaches may not be desired by patients. Dr. Kapoor will recommend the most beneficial approach based upon your ambitions for the procedure and your facial characteristics, which of course includes the shapes and size of your face. The size of incisions and length of recovery are directly correlated with the chosen approach for the best suiting facial lift technique. There are two primary facelift procedure options including:


Quick Lift:

A quick lift or mini facelift assists patients who exhibit mild degrees of facial skin sagging and jowling in the lower parts of the face. This procedure provides patients with an option to fix minor facial issues in a less invasive manner and with a generally quicker recovery time. Dr. Kapoor utilizes a quick lift to tighten deep facial tissues and fix other slight cosmetic issues through shorter incisions which can generally be hidden above the hairline behind each ear. These smaller incisions leave less scars and allow for structural tissues around the cheeks to be lifted and tightened which is overall extremely effective in correcting minor jowling. Additionally, Dr. Kapoor can implement a quick lift to refine the jawline.


LifeStyle Lift:

A lifestyle lift, or standard facelift, more adequately addresses larger cosmetic facial issues. The surgery is overall more extensive than that of a quick lift, but offers greater results to many more cosmetic concerns. A standard facelift in Beverly Hills addresses double chin, sagging skin, loss of muscle tone, excess facial fat, deep creases and many more facial aging discrepancies. Additionally, a standard lift eliminates jowling and removes excess skin under the chin as well as improves the appearance of the neck. Dr. Kapoor employs the lifestyle facelift in Beverly Hills to improve all the cosmetic issues that arise with age to give you a rejuvenated face and provide you with your confidence back.

There are various benefits of facelifts over other facial cosmetic procedures. Facelifts offer various results that just can’t be replicated with facial fillers, such as improved facial fat, lifted skin, removal of creases and elimination of double chin. With the facelift procedure, Dr. Kapoor customizes approaches for each individual patient to improve their facial features and rejuvenate their appearance. If you want a facelift in Beverly Hills contact our office to schedule a consultation.



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